Friday, October 5, 2007

Healthcare Costs and Economic Development: A Look at Indiana

Employers and employees are struggling with the issue of how to pay for growing healthcare costs. It's an issue everywhere, BUT at the same time, the value placed on health in society is a top one for most Americans.

In some ways, the issue seems unresolvable, but many places, including leaders in Indiana are looking for better solutions. See the summary of what is happening in Indiana.

I find too many one-sided views of the healthcare cost issue. It's very political and as I see it everyone continues to talk past each other on the issue and what to do about it. One personal thought: Maybe we should spend less on a war going nowhere in Iraq and put those resources into helping people self-manage their health.

Here's the story from Indiana...

Spiraling health-care costs can drain financial resources for both companies and their employees, making some companies less competitive, but a pilot program available to north-central Indiana employers is seeking new ways to help save money by changing the way businesses and individuals view health-care choices.

WIRED Healthy Workforce is an initiative developed through Purdue University's Technical Assistance Program (TAP). The project features programs and training modules introduced over an 18-month period that, when implemented, should save money on employee health insurance programs.

"We want to help employees be better consumers of health care and to take better care of themselves," said Cindy Modlin-Adams, an adult nurse practitioner and Purdue University visiting associate professor.

The program consists of an initial assessment that identifies key opportunities for health-care cost control. The pilot program is free to one company in each of the 14 counties in the Indiana WIRED region.

Read more here.


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I'm a student at Binghamton University in upstate New York and we have begun working with the community to try and make the city sustainable and attractive to non-residents. I would really appreciate any input from brilliant people like yourselves to get a broader perspective on what is being done in other parts of the country -- check out my hub and tell me what you think:

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