Monday, September 24, 2007

Writing Tip: Effective Press Releases

Press releases can be just as powerful for your economic development organization as advertising, and they cost a lot less. A good press release can promote any important development at your company, but if it's written poorly the media may ignore it no matter how newsworthy the topic.

Press releases are short documents used to call the media?s attention to an event or newsworthy happening at your company. Read local newspapers closely and watch local television carefully to discern what is considered news. Look over the press releases of companies similar to yours to get a better idea of how your release should look.

Here are some effective tips to follow:

-Pick your targets carefully.

-Meet their needs of the media.

-Be available.

-Make your point quickly.

-Don't be pushy.

-Include the basics.

-Less is more.

-Consider the timing.

-Don't make mistakes.

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