Thursday, September 6, 2007

West Virginia "Open for Business"

News reports say that West Virginina Gov. Joe Manchin’s highly unpopular slogan for the state — “Open for Business” — might be about to go belly up.

The governor’s office announced Wednesday an online and telephone poll for people to come up with a new slogan for the 107 welcome signs posted along roads leading into the state.

“With our state heading in the right direction and our citizens taking a renewed sense of pride and ownership in West Virginia and its future, I believe that now is the time for us to engage the people of West Virginia in choosing a permanent welcome slogan — one that they would want all the world to see as they journey into the Mountain State,” Manchin said in a news release.

Manchin unveiled the “Open for Business” slogan during his 2006 State of the State address as an overt statement about his administration’s focus on economic development.

Criticism has been rampant ever since. His office has always maintained that the wording on the larger welcome signs was designed for easy removal.

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Jason Keeling said...

The governor's intentions were positive, and as a leader it's his job to get people thinking ahead. However, he made an executive decision on how the state should be branded, with virtually no public input. The "Open for Business" mantra is worthwhile, but the people of West Virginia identify with our beautiful lands, which are "Wild and Wonderful." The question becomes: Is there a slogan that integrates Manchin's ideology with the public's affinity for the land and character of the state?

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