Saturday, September 8, 2007

Philippines Looks to Medical Tourism

Dubbed as “The Economics of Compassion,” Lyf Center Ultimate Solutions chief executive officer Julio Cabanero cited the highly expensive medical treatment among industrialized countries which should stimulate investments in medical tourism here in the country.

Cabanero said: “The Philippines has proven to the world that it has the competence and can assure the safety of potential foreign patients availing of our healthcare facilities and medical personnel.”

“While we are talking of a US$40 billion medical tourism global industry in the future, it is forecasted that the figure will grow by US$188 billion in 2013,” Cabanero said.

“With our competence and related tourism development, the Philippines or the Visayas in particular has no reason not to capture a good portion of this multi-billion dollar market,” he added.

Other than competence, Cabanero cited world economic development that is very favorable to the growth of medical tourism in the Philippines.

He also cited ease and affordability of travel as among the plus factors for the country.

Cabanero said “Japan now has 22 million elderly population costing them US$36.5 billion in elderly care. My estimate is that the Philippines can offer at least 50 percent less if we develop fully the medical tourism industry.”

Cabanero also explained linkages if medical tourism is to be developed, among them, wellness centers (both hi-tech and traditional), schools, and medical research institutions (much cheaper to study here), medical insurance companies, tourism enterprises, local government units (LGUs), and other associations.

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high blood said...

Medical tourism is a new profitable industry that can be tapped by the Philippines especially in consideration of escalating health and medical costs from other countries. Medical facilities are now world class with highly trained medical practitioners. Coupled with the friendly Filipino hospitality, it is worth considering.

HITESH said...

This is a very good article related to the medial tourism.......

philippines classified ads said...

I agreed to the first comment medical tourism can big a big help to this country. There are plenty of unemployed medical graduate in this country this one could help.

Medical Tourism said...

If the medical tourism industry is booming here in the Philippines, why is it that medical practitioners and nurses still remain unemployed? Or is it because a lot of them are going abroad?

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I've heard so much about the medical tourism in the Philippines. With the Filipino nurses abroad being praised for their service and caring attitude, there is no doubt about their competence in medical tourism.

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Peter Cares said...

I believe Philippines has all it takes to become a hit on medical tourism. The country should also focus on giving or assisting its people medical insurance.