Monday, August 13, 2007

University of Southern Indiana Economic Impact

The University of Southern Indiana says a new report shows that the school makes an economic impact of $150 million annually and an employment impact of 2,600 on the southwest Indiana economy.

The university says since its last report in 2000, it has implemented 12 of the 13 academic programs outlined as needed in the area. Overall, the report shows a need for the university to push science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and develop an entrepreneurial culture in the region.

Has the university been responsive to employers? Yes. Employers asked for a string of academic programs that closely parallel USI’s planned new programs through 2011, including specialties within the baccalaureate engineering program; a four-year major in criminal justice/law enforcement; and more graduate-level studies in sales management, communications, maintenance management, clinical nursing, and other health-related programs.

Healthcare professionals expressed a need for development of a health informatics program and continued graduation of registered nurses. Employers also expressed an interest in undergraduate programs in business economics, a blended business/engineering degree, manufacturing technology, environmental sciences, and degrees in logistics/transportation.

Overall, there is a desire for USI to push STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education; develop an entrepreneurial culture in the region; and continue the strong emphasis on the core curriculum, which emphasizes communication skills, critical thinking, leadership, and collaboration.

Source: Inside Indiana Business

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