Friday, August 31, 2007

Resource Review: Great Lakes Manufacturing Council

Manufacturing needs a lot of help to stay competitive. Businesses and jobs are on the line everyday in this vital sector of our economy. This article is about an important resource trying to help midwestern states cope with the effects of global manufacturing competition. A client of mine, Magnet (Cleveland, Ohio) is an active member of the Council.

The Great Lakes Manufacturing Council is a membership organization representing industry, non-governmental organizations, trade associations, organized labor, educational and financial institutions, economic development groups, chambers of commerce, governments and others united to promote, enhance and preserve manufacturing in the Great Lakes Region.


To develop and pursue a common agenda that will result in a regional competitive advantage for the Great Lakes region and preserve the prosperity of the region.

To establish shared goals to maintain and increase the competitive advantages of manufacturing in the Great Lakes region.

To develop an effective, interactive network among all stakeholders focused on the success of manufacturing in the Great Lakes region.

To develop, implement and advance the use of best practices throughout the region related to common themes of image, innovation, and logistics & borders.

Resources & Publications

GLMC Forum Report

GLMC Strategic Plan

GLMC March 2006 Presentation

GLMC/CME March 06 Presentation

GLMC June 2005 Tech Ed Summit

Brookings May ‘06 Great Lakes Economic Initiative [PDF Download]

Magnet: Creating an Environment for Innovation in Northeasy Ohio [PDF Download]

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