Thursday, August 16, 2007

Missouri Tax Change Called "Dumb" by Kansans

Here is a section from a recent editorial on proposed tax amendments proposed by a Missouri state senator:

"From the incredible world of dumb as dirt comes Missouri state Sen. Joan Bray's wacko tax amendment to this year's Senior Tax Justice Act.

Bray's shortsighted amendment to House bill 444 threatens to light the fuse on a political, tax-fueled border war between Kansas and Missouri lawmakers.

Bray, D-University City, opened hostilities with a raid on Kansas taxpayers' funds. The St. Louis area lawmaker's amendment, which the Republican majority in Jefferson City allowed to pass, eliminates an important tax deduction for Kansans.

The deduction, logically, lets Kansans who work in Missouri take Kansas property taxes off Missouri income taxes. Doing so is only fair.

Kansas, in turn, has acted neighborly by allowing the same deduction for Missourians who work in Kansas. Some would go further to say that cities in Kansas have been more than neighborly because they did not retaliate after Kansas City, Mo., placed an earnings tax on Kansas workers.

In contrast to such neighborliness, Bray's bushwhacking amendment has proven about as welcome to Kansas as William Clarke Quantrill's raid on Lawrence."

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I do not have the details of this situation and feel no need to take a position on the debate. The only thing I will say is that it would be a shame to see any disintegration of the fine cooperation between Kansas and Missouri for economic development. I also believe as the "war for tax revenues" escalates among governmental jurisdictions, we are likely to see more changes to tax codes in terms of who receives beneficial treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Calling Joan Bray "dumb as dirt" is giving dirt a bad reputation.

This senator has zero concept of supply and demand. She wants government to regulate everything. In true socialist fashion, she believes only government can set the fair price for goods and services.

She wants to force Kansans to move to Missouri to save on taxes. She is ignorant of the many common trades we made with our friendly neighbor. You can believe she did not make a similar tax proposal (yet) on Illinois residents working in University City.