Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From Indiana...Education, Key to Economic Development

Everyone knows this, BUT we are still not doing enough to align education, workforce development, and economic development. Here is a view from Indiana.

David Lips, director of policy for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, gave the keynote presentation, focusing on bringing business to Indiana and helping companies grow though regional collaboration.

"Indiana doesn't have a single economy," Lips said. "It has a bunch of regional economies. We encourage regions to act in concert."

A question and answer session followed Lips' presentation. The main topic of discussion was education, with one audience member asking if there would be enough jobs in the state for an expected surge in high school graduates.

"One of the main drives of economic development is the status of the workforce," Lips said, noting that there is a demand for educated workers. "Indiana is well known for its work ethic and needs a knowledgeable workforce to stay competitive."

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