Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Broadband for All: Not Quite

In April 2004, as the election season was heating up, President Bush appeared at the annual convention of the American Association of Community Colleges in Minneapolis and declared his goal of bringing high-speed Internet access "to every corner of our country by the year 2007."
Well, here we are (in 2007). And here we aren't (fully wired for broadband technology). Not even close.

The Public Policy Institute of California issued a report last week in which it found that 47 percent of all households statewide had broadband Internet access as of 2005. Nationally, the figure is closer to 40 percent.

And yes, in my assessment we are making progress, but there is a ways to go.

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Becky McCray said...

Don, thank you for bringing up the lack of broadband access for discussion. Writing on small town and rural small biz, I try advocate for more increased access and affordability. Our global competitiveness depends on it!

Thanks for all the great articles you write.