Sunday, June 17, 2007

Seattle-Based Center for Ethical Leadership


The Center for Ethical Leadership is a non-profit leadership development and training organization. It helps people identify their core values, apply those values to important decisions and live their values at home,at work, and in the community. Its model is used in schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations, and by community leadership development organizations. Its goal is to help promote an inner life of integrity, which shapes individual behavior and enables people to work together for the common good.


The Center motivates people to practice ethical leadership, inspires institutions to create cultures of integrity and gathers the community to animate cultural change, all for the common good.

The Center is about:

* Inspiring and developing ethical leadership within individuals, organizations and communities to advance the common good. Building on the accountability of inspired individuals, we also address organizational and community cultures to foster positive change.

* Reaching individuals through its youth program, and through seminars and public events.

* Within organizations it provides training and organizational development services for business, government and non-profits of all kinds.

* Within communities it fosters cultural change through programs such the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change initiative. We also convene community change events called Confluences to foster dialogue among diverse interest groups and launch change initiatives to address community issues.


Center for Ethical Leadership
1401 E Jefferson St, Suite 505
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 328-3020
Fax 328-4570

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