Friday, June 15, 2007

A Game Plan for Retaining Talent

I would guess employers in your are working hard to retain the talent they have and reruit new. This article might offer some ideas.

The flight of key talent and low recruitment rates have become disturbing trends across almost all industries during the last decade, but the war for talent will become increasingly intense due to the shrinking workforce talent pool. While many signs of this phenomenon are visible in the electric utility industry, the full brunt of the crisis is yet to be felt. Many utilities are thriving today, but their workforce management and retention processes are not. A Conference Board survey of utilities outlined three key challenges for the industry: recruiting young talent, creating incentives for baby-boomers to stay beyond their retirement, and finding ways to pass critical knowledge from one generation to the next.

Read more at BNet. (Free registration is required to download the full Deloitte document)

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