Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vision: Kentucky's Long-Term Policy Research Center

To lead effectively, leaders must have vision. The Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center is a good example of a resource helping leaders make effective leadership decisions. We are struggling with the "vision thing" in economic development. Frankly, we have become overly consumed with the "local" and what happens in our own sandbox.

All of us could afford to take a note or two from the Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center and other entities that are working to breathe vision into decision-making.

Mission Statement

The Long-Term Policy Research Center will serve as a catalyst to change the way decisions are made in government by providing decisionmakers a broader context in which to make decisions, taking into consideration the long-term implications of policy and critical trends and emerging issues which are likely to have a significant impact on the state.

Click here to download the Center's Visioning Kentucky's Future report. It's an excellent read!

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