Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Team-Building Resources

Economic development occurs in teams, or at least it should.

Team building - having the ability to work with staff, volunteers and board members to develop strong, focused, high achieving and happy working group - is an outstanding skill for leaders in the nonprofit world. The websites listed below provide information about different aspects of team building.

Information on the Web

Finney, Russ. The Mythical Team Leader (1999) This is a breezily written but useful intro to the challenges of team building.

These are two short articles about the key components of team-building from the Australian consulting firm Team Management Systems. The first outlines the basics of team management; the second outlines basic roles that team members can play to make a successful team.

Ron Jungalwalla. Transforming Groups into Teams. and McCann, Dick. Creativity in Teams.

Goleman, Daniel. Leading Resonant Teams. Leader to Leader, No. 25 Summer 2002. This article focuses on various styles of team leadership noting when each may be appropriate.

Source: Voluntary Sector Knowledge Network

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