Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Leadership Organization Profile: Maine's Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL)

The Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) builds Maine’s civic capacity by training, supporting, engaging, and convening a growing network of skilled leaders. ICL brings innovative and inclusive models of leadership to Maine’s communities and organizations. It works to open doors and build new relationships. It inspires leaders.

If you are looking for a list of key leadership development issues to train for, here Maine's ICL list is a good one to work from. All of these issues are relevant to economic development.

The Core Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

A four-hour workshop designed to give prospective and current board members an overview of nonprofit board service. The workshop explores the key roles of board members, and participants have the opportunity to meet seasoned board members and to discuss different ways to handle challenging situations. An attorney, accountant and insurance expert also introduce legal, financial, and risk management oversight responsibilities.

Assessing the Performance of the Chief Executive

If you recognize the importance of regular review of the performance of your organization's CEO but don't know where to start, this workshop is for you. Learn how to make the performance evaluation process a vehicle for strengthening the CEO/Board relationship while also advancing your mission.

Board Financial Oversight

A four-hour practical workshop on how to read financial reports and recognize warning signs. What non-accountants need to know to do their jobs as board members.

The Board's Role in Strategic Planning: Practical Tips That Work

A half-day interactive workshop that gives specific guidance on how boards and nonprofit staff can make strategic planning an enjoyable, productive and meaningful process - with practical tips for ensuring implementation and keeping the plan alive.

Board Self-Assessment

A Road Map to Improve Board Performance - A three-hour workshop that addresses ways to make the most of board self-assessment, and how this simple process can result in a more committed, energized board, and an organization more successful in accomplishing its mission. Information also given about the tools and resources available.

Fundraising Fundamentals

A Practical Introduction for Board Members - A half-day workshop designed to introduce the key aspects of fundraising - from annual appeals and major gifts, to corporate giving and planned giving. Learn what is required for a nonprofit to succeed at fundraising, and how each board member can contribute to this success.

Great Board Meetings! Great Results!

A four-hour workshop that gives practical tips for improving the efficiency of board meetings that, in turn, improve board morale and participation. An effective way to learn the skills needed to run productive meetings - both board and committee.

Improve the Odds

A three-hour hands-on workshop that gives the knowledge and tools to recruit great board members and develop an orientation process that will get them up to speed quickly.

Legal Issues

What Every Nonprofit Board Member Needs to Know - A four-hour workshop designed specifically for non-lawyers, this introductory workshop makes seemingly complex legal issues accessible to all. Learn more about proper meeting minutes; duties of care, loyalty, and obedience; conflicts of interest; and much more!

Passing the Baton

Developing Leadership On Your Board - A half-day workshop that explores the types of leadership nonprofit boards need, and why so many organizations are struggling to attract people to take on key roles. Participants learn how to judge whether their leaders are being asked to do too much, or too little; how to make meetings and board activities productive and rewarding; and how to identify the right people to lead their board into the future.

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