Saturday, April 7, 2007

Keeping Your Volunteer Leaders Satisfied

It matters that your volunteer board members are satisfied with their service to your organization. A recent article by GuideStar offers solid advice on keeping your vounteer leaders and keeping them satisfied.

The GuideStar article says: "It's no secret that a dedicated group of volunteers is an important cornerstone of many nonprofit agencies. In fact, according to a recent study, approximately 6 million volunteers are active in American nonprofit organizations, contributing a total of more than 15 billion volunteer hours. Volunteer hours equate to the work of more than 9 million full-time employees, making the value of volunteer labor close to $284 billion. With statistics like these, it's also no secret that organizations should be willing to do what it takes to retain volunteers. But exactly what does it take to keep volunteers? And what causes volunteers to leave?

Simply put, to reduce turnover, volunteers must be pleased with the environment in which they work and motivated by the tasks to which they are assigned. This month, we look at the things that motivate volunteers to stay. Next month, we'll examine the environmental factors that cause them to leave."

To read the complete article click on this link.

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