Thursday, April 5, 2007

Conscious Communities Blog Started

I would like to let my ED Leader readers know that about two months ago I started a new blog, Conscious Communities, which explores how communities facilitate the consciousness of their citizens.

<--(Photo: Downtown Bloomington, Indiana)

While not an economic development website per se, Conscious Communities has a great deal to offer economic development. You can access Consciousness Communities here:

My friend Steve Woodall of Cherokee Nation asked me what I meant by "conscious" communities. His question was timely and made me think. Here is what I said to Steve.

I am working in the direction of a definition of conscious communities. I am hoping to find a way to “measure” the consciousness of communities. I’m trying to get at what the tag line says: Creating Places of Heightened Awareness and Expression.

Right now, I would say conscious communities are communities that:

  • Cultivate the consciousness of their citizens and encourage heightened awareness and expression by their citizens.

  • Exhibit a sense of meaning and purpose that permeates the community in various ways.

  • Are reflective of the values and culture of their citizens.

  • Are responsive to the fundamental human needs of their citizens.

  • Are environmentally sound or sustainable.

  • Foster and support the financial and economic prosperity of their citizens.

  • Are civically engaged and aware.

  • Encourage and foster sound democratic and effective community leadership/stewardship.

  • Are accountable to their citizens.

  • Plan ahead and make investments in community building

  • Encourage and support the learning and education of their citizens.

  • Encourage and support the spiritual growth of their citizens.

  • Encourage and support the physical health of their citizens.

  • Encourage and support the happiness and psychological well-being of their citizens.

  • Encourage and support the growth of creativity in their citizens.

  • Encourage the building of social networks and relationships supporting their citizens.
To my new readers, I would ask: What does "conscious" community mean to you?

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