Monday, March 19, 2007

Leadership Self-Assessment Questions

Does your board assess its leadership capacities and accomplishments? It should!

Here are some key questions your board members should ask themselves.

Attributes . . .

-Do I view problems as opportunities?
-Am I a priority setter?
-Am I customer focused?
-Am I courageous?
-Am I a critical and creative thinker?
-What is my tolerance for ambiguity?
-Am I positive attitude towards change?
-Am I committed to innovations that are best for our customers?

Skills . . .

-Do I debate, clarify, and enunciate my values and beliefs?
-Can I fuel, inspire, and guard the shared vision?
-Can I communicate the strategic plan at all levels?
-Do I recognize the problems inherent to the planning process?
-Do I ask the big picture questions and "what if"?
-Can I support the organization's staff through the change process?
-Do I encourage dreaming and thinking the unthinkable?
-Can I align the budget, planning, policies and programs with the community's goals and vision?
-Do I engage in goal setting?
-Can I develop and implement action plans?
-Do I practice and plan conscious abandonment?
-Do I transfer the strategic planning process to budget planning?

Knowledge . . .

-Do I know board and CEO roles and responsibilities in planning and implementing plans?
-Do I know the strategic planning process, short and long term planning tools?
-Do I know the board and community's vision, beliefs, and mission?
-Do I know the relationship of the budget to planning?
-Do I know local, state, and national factors that affect economic development (ED)?
-Do I know the best practices and research on improving ED achievement?
-Do I know the process of change and paradigm shifts?
-Do I know the strategies to involve and communicate with the community?

Some Key Questions...

-What trait were you proud to say describes you?

-Was there any trait you would not consider desirable?

-What trait are your trying to make more descriptive of you?

Source: National School Boards Association (Adapted from NSBA guide)

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