Sunday, March 4, 2007

Conscious Leadership: Thoughts by John Renesch

Here are some clips from an article by John Renesch on conscious leadership, a subject that is near and dear to my heart. He says it so well!

"For the first time in history, we humans have the opportunity to participate in our evolution. Never before has a species possessed the ability to choose whether it continues its evolution toward a higher form or becomes extinct. Those who take a stand for this new truth - before it becomes more commonly believed, before it becomes the consensus reality and the operative paradigm for humanity - will be the leaders who create the future we'd all prefer."

"The western, industrialized world has come to admire leaders who can mobilize people and evoke support for the specific cause they are advocating - be it a nation, an alliance, or a multinational company. Charisma, communication skill, influence, and vision have all played valuable roles in gaining this mass admiration. However, our world has become incredibly complex over the past few generations and, like Einstein stated half a century ago, our thinking or consciousness needs to change if we are to solve the problems we've created with our now-outmoded mindsets. Therefore, there is a new opportunity for a new breed of leader - one who embraces this new thinking that is better-suited to today's complex and interconnected society."

"This new thinking not only applies to the way we all think about reality, it also applies to the way people lead in this new age. As we transcend our obsolete and time-dated thinking - where only the visible and measurable outcomes are valued - we will become more "universally responsible" in all our endeavors. This will open the door to our being more aware, clearer about our intentions, and more responsible about the way we lead and the way we choose our leaders."
"A leader's consciousness has a vertical component as well as a horizontal one. Their consciousness can be raised by becoming more aware and more responsible for what they are aware - such as their country, their industry, or their marketplace. Likewise a leader's consciousness can be broadened so there is greater awareness about more things - matters less familiar to them."

"Conscious leadership includes a transcendent perspective on leading people, organizations and society. This may require the leader to learn about new aspects of reality and explore unfamiliar realms, such as the various ways we experience reality. Conscious leaders need to engage philosophical matters and wrestle with deeper questions like "What is real?"

As we ponder these thoughts, what do they say about how economic developers can become more conscious leaders?

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