Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Book Review: Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions by Thomas Schmitt, Arnold Perl, Frederick W. Smith is clear that when it comes to leadership, simple is better complex.

One very important element of simple focus is to keep your eye on the actual results. This means focusing on the impact that activities, initiatives, and projects are intended to produce.

Too often leaders put a great deal of time into rolling out a new initiative that is intended to take the organization to new heights, only to allow the team to get sidetracked with outside issues all along the way.

The “simple solutions” to the above issue is to approach results with a laser beam rather than a flood light. While a flood light certainly lights the path in front of you, it also takes in all the peripheral scenery that can take your eyes off the beaten path. The laser light harnesses your thoughts and energy to one single path, keep you squarely focused on where you need to go.

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